**Please Note - As a result of the Covid pandemic, the timetable and our venues have changed. In the interim alternative classes and venues have been arranged, but are subject to change. This page will be updated once we have a new permanent home and timetable!

Contact us: 07876 256739 danzone2004@outlook.com

Classes that are already back up and running, and classes that we hope to also have back available soon include:

Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre & Adult Fitness

Age Groups:

Dinky and Jiggle & Wiggle: Preschool and Reception
Mini: Reception Y1 and Y2
Jnr: Y2 to Y5
Inter: Y6 to Y8
Snr: Yr9- Upwards
Adv: Teacher’s discretion
Progression: Teacher’s discretion
Dance Mix: Yr1- 6